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Boat Watch

Our water taxis are on the river all day everyday, passing most boats many times. If anything happens to your boat we are most likely to the first to know, because of this we offer a boat watch service. You don't even have to be a water taxi customer to take advantage of this great service.

- Silver £50 per season 

- Gold £100 per season

- Platinum £200 season



Simply allows peace of mind knowing that someone is watching your boat and will contact you should it be needed.



The same as silver but we also go aboard before and after and predicted storms to check moorings and rigging.



As gold and sliver but we will also open up your boat, start engine to keep batteries charged and check bilge's are dry.


FREE (Register only)

The free watch is basically to register only, if your boat breaks free we would contact you but we would not actively be checking your boat as we pass.


terms and conditions apply, complete form for further information.